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  • Mr Paul Newman was a fan of shawl-collared cardigans, which is explanation enough as to why this @mrp piece is among our spring essentials. But if we stopped there, we wouldn’t be able to tell you about the incredibly tactile cashmere blend yarn, nor the pleasing heft of its thick-rib knit. 🧶⁣
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Head to the link in bio to feel it for yourself #MrPmyway
  • Dallas is surprising, in the best possible way. Yes, the Tex-Mex is banging. Yes, the barbecue is all that you’ve hoped for and more. But it is also a city humming with creative energy, with an incredible sense of camaraderie. Everyone here seems to know (and support) everyone else, calling it the biggest small town in the US. Sounds about right.⁣
Head to the link in bio. to learn a little bit more about the guys making their mark on the city as well as shop the new @mrp collection, pictured here. #MrPmyway
  • Plant-based for your face. We're on-board @aesopskincare 📷 @odellsstudios #MRPORTER
  • ⁣In this week's #MRPORTERjournal, we head to the home of the historic hatmaker @borsolino_world to witness the 52-stage process that has barely changed in a century.⁣⠀
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